We recently contributed an article to the Ontario Bar Association online magazine JUST., entitled Elevate your law firm’s marketing from status quo to go, on marketing in the legal profession. While a lot of the content in the article will resonate especially true in a law firm environment, it applies to any business.

When we speak with new clients, there is usually a desire to “do what the other guys are doing.” We feel this approach limits the boundaries of where you can take your business. No two marketing strategies or plans that we create for our clients are ever the same. Business goals are different, therefore your marketing goals, and the tactics you employ to achieve them must be different.
Taking a status quo approach to marketing will be a disservice to your business. If your company is considering investing in marketing, the following three things should be considered to kick-start your efforts:

1. Start with a top-down approach – Look at the big picture of where you want your company to go. Don’t get lost in the details – they will figure themselves out if you are properly supported by an experienced marketing department. Starting with that big idea or understanding of your business then breaking it down into smaller initiatives to support the big idea is key. Obtain buy-in from your leadership team so they understand the plan and become internal champions. You will be amazed how different your marketing initiatives are received by your team when they know they are a company-wide effort and all leaders are on board.
2. Change the perception of marketing – Law firm or not, many people believe marketing is trying to figure out a way to convince your potential clients they should choose you (they’ve been watching too much Mad Men). In reality, you need to ensure your business’s ducks are in a row, and that what you are actually selling is authentic. With access to information so readily available, you can’t fool a prospective client with false promises. If your message can’t be validated online, prospects will move on to the next readily available option. Defining your “why” (in other words, your business’s purpose), then educating your team on how marketing will support this purpose, will change internal perceptions. Every successful marketing initiative we have implemented for our clients has started with internal buy-in.
3. Provide access to information – This one is critical for marketing to be successful. When we engage with new clients, we want to see everything. If you have sore spots in your business, focus on fixing them and do not try and hide them. An informed marketing team can provide substantially greater value to your business – period. A complete picture of the health of your business also helps marketers understand which areas need work, and can provide an objective approach to determining whether underperforming initiatives are truly worth the effort.

We would love to know how you feel about these suggestions, and if you have any additional tips that would benefit companies looking to kick-start their marketing efforts. Share and connect with us on any of our social media channels, anytime.

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